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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Late night snacks for a healthier bedtime.

Let’s face it, most Late night snacks are just as much about cravings as they are hunger. Which makes striking the balance between hitting the spot and avoiding sleep-disrupting snacks menu tricky. While eating before bed may not be an issue for everyone. Those with

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Although seven hours is usually cited as the ideal amount of sleep we need. There is no magic number. We tend to need slightly less sleep as we age, but it varies by individual. You may function best on seven hours a night. While someone

What are the benefits of prebiotics?

          It wouldn’t be wrong to say that prebiotics are the superfood of probiotics. Because prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and good microorganisms. Moreover, from one study it was found that have properties that help the body absorb calcium better. Therefore, it helps to strengthen the bones