Can I get these benefits from adding turmeric to my food?

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When we add turmeric to our food its often to dishes that we intend to cook such as curry, heating the spice does slightly lower its antioxidant potential. Although boiling or roasting appear to be better options than frying. Ideally, keep cooking times short and as well as including in a curry. Why not enjoy in a golden latte, soup, marinade or sauce?

It’s worth remembering that many of the studies assessing the health benefits of turmeric have mostly looked at curcumin only. And at relatively high doses. This means that despite downing turmeric shots and adding extra spice to our meals we’re unlikely to achieve a therapeutic dose. One of the reasons for this is that curcumin is very difficult to absorb. And what we do absorb we metabolise and clear from the body very quickly. This is partly because curcumin has low solubility in water so combining it with an oil or fat-rich food. Like full fat dairy or coconut milk, may help boost your uptake UFABET

Another popular strategy is to combine turmeric with black pepper. This is because a compound in black pepper, called piperine, makes it easier for curcumin to pass through the gut wall. And into your bloodstream and it helps slow down the speed you break curcumin down.