What are the benefits of prebiotics?

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          It wouldn’t be wrong to say that prebiotics are the superfood of probiotics. Because prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and good microorganisms. Moreover, from one study it was found that have properties that help the body absorb calcium better. Therefore, it helps to strengthen the bones as well.

          And when the body has a lot served to the probiotics, it will cause the probiotics to work more efficiently. which will have the benefit of balancing bacteria in the intestines. Helps promote the functioning of the digestive system. Help with excretion Reduce constipation It also helps stimulate the body’s immune system UFABET

How are prebiotics different from probiotics?

 I believe that many people have been confused for a long time about the issue of probiotics and prebiotics. But these two are different types. They perform different functions as mentioned above. But if we expand the difference to another level. Having said that, prebiotics are fiber. It is a type of food that is inanimate. It requires probiotics to help break down and be absorbed by the body. Probiotics are microorganisms or good bacteria in the intestines. which are living things and eat prebiotics as food.

  For people who want . Try to find these foods as your daily menu. And what we have recommended are only some of them because in fact are also found in other foods.