Knocking dummy cards

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Knocking dummy cards.

The form of playing the dummy card game is to collect cards to be born in order to reduce the number of cards in hand and have as many points as possible. In this step, we will discuss the process of creating cards. In what form will it be available? Techniques for birth and how to knock out cards. Let’s see to UFABET.

There are two types of dummy card occurrences:

  • The occurrence of three cards is that the player has 2 identical cards in his hand with someone discarding the same numbered card in the face up pile. Players can bring up and discard unwanted cards, or players see discarded pairs of cards. can bring a card in the hand that has only 1 card to be born, for example, a player holds 5, 5 cards and in the face-up pile, someone discards another 5 card when it comes to the turn to play The player has to bring the 5, 5 card in his hand to form a card in the face up pile with another 5 with a 5-5-5 face down in front of him and discard 1 unwanted card in the face up pile. At this point, it is a three-card formation that is 5-5-5.
  • Formation of sequential cards means that the player must form cards in a sequence and of the same color and suit. So it can happen, for example, a player has 7-8 hearts, someone discards 6 or 9 hearts. Players can bring 7-8 hearts to be born, such as 6-7-8 Hearts or 7-8-9. Red hearts like this. Along with discarding 1 unwanted card in the face-up pile.

Knocking dummy cards

After form 2 types of cards and having 3 cards left hand. If it is a beautiful card that is ready to “wait”, then the player is “waiting” to win. Can born and knock down by another card. For example, in the player’s hand holding a card 4-4-7. Indicating that the player is waiting for a card 4. If someone discards 4 or draws card in 4, it can brought.

Get into the Tong set 4 and turn upside down 7. Consider a knock. Waiting for cards in a row is the same, for example, having a hand of 9-10-3 of spades indicates that the player is waiting for a knockout with the cards in a row. The person ahead discards an 8 of spades or a J of spades. Players are able to pick up a set of 8-9-10 spades or 9-10-J spades and face down 3 like this is considered a knock waiting for sorted cards, etc.

Knocking a card with a dummy draw method is a knock on the card by depositing a card to knock in the event that the player has 1 card left in the hand and does not want to happen more. Drawing cards for deposit cards It is another way to learn. For example, a player comes up with a 7-7-7 card and a QKA club card. And in their hand there is only one 4 card left in their hand. If the player draws a J club or another 7, then the card can deposit and turn over the 4 card, just this is consider a knock by waiting for the dummy.