Stuttgart winning Hamburg.

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“White Horse” Stuttgart has also played in the Bundesliga. Next season after winning the “North Lion” Hamburg 3-1 in the second playoff football game on Monday.

The first match they met, Stuttgart opened the nest to win 3-0. In this game, the white horse army still has Seru Girassi as the heart of the offensive game as before. While Hamburg Anssi Zuonen, who is banned.

Hamburg started well, taking the lead before 1-0 from the 6th minute. Sonny Kittle, the team’s great, received the ball from Jean-Luc Dempe before shoving far from outside the area. The ball hits the net beautifully. 

The visiting team had a chance to win in the 38th minute from a free kick in front of the penalty area. That Seru Girassi called a foul. and referred to the duty of shooting himself. But threw it over the crossbar after UFABET

The hosts almost got the second goal in stoppage time from Sebastian Schonlau’s header. But Florian Müller’s super save flew over the tip of his hand. Make the end of the first half, the home team leads 

After 3 minutes of the second half.

Stuttgart drew 1-1, when Ceru Girassi slipped into the penalty area on the left. Before Enzo Milot deflected Daniel Fair’s left-hand shot Nands slips through the door. 

The visiting team took the lead 2-1 with luck in the 64th minute when Daniel Fernandes, the local outpost, kicked the ball heavyweights, causing Enzo Milot, who was already running the ball. Easy to get the orange drop, shoot, tung the net

In the 74th minute, Hamburg should be able to equalize when Bagheri Yatta opens the ball from the right end of the line into the penalty area for Robert Glatzel to flick open, but breaks a little too much. Causing the ball to fall off the post far behind unfortunately

During the stoppage time, Stuttgart came to the end of the goal after slipping into the penalty area for Silas Wamankituka before locking the ball, avoiding the home players until they rolled over and shot in cold blood. Causing the end of the game to be Stuttgart repeating the invasion, winning 3-1, resulting in a total win of 6-1, continuing to play in the Bundesliga, while Hamburg are in the second liga as before