Techniques for playing dummy cards to win

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Techniques for playing dummy cards to win.

In addition to the luck that has dealt to the pair already. Memory skills and card reading are the things that players cannot lack. Because otherwise, it may be foolish to discard or wait for cards that have no chance of winning, for example if someone happens to have cards in the pile and the rest of the cards are kept up. Players must also remember. What cards they have collected. In order to collect and then have a pair in hand. It is equal to waiting to be left foolish or waiting for knockout. Players will not be able to discard that card.

Card reading skills so as not to get discarded stupid It should be noted what the resulting cards are and whether the cards to be discarded are the cards that the other person is waiting for. For example, someone spawned 5-6-7, clubs 4-5-6, hearts and threes 7-7. -7 Players can discard 5 or 6, which chances of being stupid are very small. Try to memorize the cards. That are in the pile and that someone keeps them. because it is able to help prevent leaving stupid enough know that It is one of the UFABET. That you should not miss.

Score counting for dummy card games

Basically, playing will focus on knocking more. But sometimes if there is no knockout. All the cards in the pile dummy cards drawn Players must count the scores from the cards. Born and then subtract the scores of the cards in the hand. That not born or whoever has the most deposit wins.

  • Numbered cards 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 have 5 points each.
  • 10-JQK cards have 10 points each.
  • Card A has 15 points each.
  • Spato cards, including 2 of clubs and Q of spades, have 50 points each.
  • Occurrence of the head 50 points
  • Normal Knocking has 50 points.
  • Dark Knock is worth 100 points.